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3 Reasons You Should Avoid Marketing Paranoia

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Search engine optimization seems to lead many Internet marketers to become a little paranoid, or at least very worried about what they are doing, whether they are doing it correctly, whether they will they end up penalized for something, are they inadvertently breaking some big rules (or unknowingly), and a host of other things that they are worried about. Keeping up with the latest and greatest search engine techniques and tactics seems nearly impossible. Fortunately, there are many very qualified and affordable online marketing companies that can help you with the search engine optimization techniques that you will be able to use. Here are three reasons that you should not worry about being unfairly penalized, as long as you are following the rules:

1. Search engines are not “on the lookout” for scofflaws. Stop assuming that your site is so important that you are going to be scoured to ensure that you are following all of the rules. What does happen is that the search engine spiders crawl your site for indexing on a somewhat regular basis, and they will detect any problems. Assuming that you are focused on using ethical search engine optimization techniques, and certainly you are working with a credible online marketing firm, you have nothing to really worry about. They are not out to get you.

2. Algorithm updates are not designed to ruin your life, or your credibility. The algorithm updates that have occurred with the search engines are truly intended to make the users’ experiences better when they get to your site. Although it may feel personal at times, your online marketing agency will definitely be able to help you tune up your site, remove the unnatural and irrelevant links, and get the content that you need to really stand out in the crowd, with a site that you can not only be proud of, but a site that will find a way upward in the search engine results.

3. Second guessing what is coming along next is mostly a waste of time. Looking over your shoulder constantly is going to prevent you from looking forward and figuring out which direction is best for you and your company. Avoid the rumor mill, and concentrate on what you need to do to have good SEO now. While you should be watching trends and keeping tabs on what is happening in the search engine optimization world, you really need to be moving forward, and not worrying about what you think has “been done” to you or your site.

Mass hysteria almost never leads to good things. The search engines are not out to get anyone! The algorithm updates that have been implemented are intended to make your site, and the sites belonging to other webmasters, better than ever, and hold more information for the user—making them want to come back for more. Compliance with their rules and suggestions can only help you get ahead. Let your competitors be the paranoid ones, and you can work with your online marketing firm to get your site better than the others’. Internet marketing requires patience and it also requires that you be thorough. Be careful about what you listen to, and avoid hysteria and conspiracy theory when it comes to the search engines!

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