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  • How To Use Tumblr For SEO And Branding

    What’s the first thing that usually comes to mind when you hear the word “Tumblr”? For many people, Tumblr is something like a tall glass that folks often carry around the office. On the contrary, for the smart internet marketer, Tumblr is a gold mine that hasn’t been used to its full potential by most. In a few simple words, Tumblr is a micro-blogging website that contains a plethora of the characteristics of common social networking websites. The Tumblr platform allows users to publish content in a variety of forms such as images, videos and quotes. In addition, the content […]

  • Google Announces New Initiative to Encrypt All Searches

    Recent events in the “Googlesphere” have made life a little more difficult for SEO adherents and inbound marketing enthusiasts everywhere. After wading through the wreckage and collateral damage caused by the infamous Panda and Penguin updates, online marketers of every stripe now have to contend with a recent announcement by Google that promises a sweeping change in the area of encrypted searches. Google has been encrypting the search queries of logged-in users for a couple of years now, but in a move that almost seems like adding insult to injury, the search giant has announced that they will soon begin […]

  • Fake Reviews & Your Real Opportunities

    On September 23rd, New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman hit 19 companies with over $350,000 in fines for posting fake reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google Local, and CitySearch. They Attorney General’s office called 19 of the top SEO companies in New York and said they were a yogurt shop that needs to combat negative online reviews. The SEO firms obliged and offered to write fake reviews and post them online. This act on its own says quite a lot. The fact that these 19 companies were ready to offer fake reviews would lead one to believe that they […]


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