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  • Modern Day SEO? Any Different From the Old Ways?

    Have things really changed when it comes to search engine optimization, as opposed to the way they were a few years ago? In some ways, it seems like there have been huge changes coming along, but if you stop to think about it, the objective is still the same—to get people to notice your site in the search engine results, and get the traffic to your site. By using certain techniques (and, this is the part that has changed some) you can accomplish this task. Here are four ways in which SEO has become modernized over the last few years: […]

  • Web Design vs. Web Development

    Although web design and web development are technically different parts of building a website, many small companies may not think they will be able to afford to hire separate agencies to handle each aspect of their online strategy. However, having both areas professionally addressed may be wise, and money well spent. Web design refers mainly to what the visitors will see when they get to your site, which includes how the site appears, the themes, and the layout. These are all very important parts of your site, and should be handled by experts whenever possible. Web development refers to slightly […]

  • SEO Tidbits to Help Rankings

    Every little bit helps, especially when it comes to your online marketing strategy.  Unless every little detail is in place, you are not getting the most out of your SEO tactics and can probably do better.  Although you may be looking for some sweet superpower for your search engine optimization, it remains true that staying slow and steady, and detail oriented, is what will get you farthest in the internet marketing world. Working with SEO agencies can also help, because there is a lot to remember, and changes in best practices are frequent. These SEO tips and tidbits are going […]

  • How SEO Companies Can Help With Content Development

    You may be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to working with SEO companies. Have you asked yourself, “How can an SEO company know anything about my business and develop accurate, relevant and interesting content?” If you are wondering about how this happens, then read on for several ways in which SEO companies can definitely help you develop strong content, the kind that gets traffic, links, social notice and boosts your overall SEO. Traffic does not just naturally appear on a website, regardless of how great your content is. The key is to get the content […]

  • Video Marketing Tips for Pinterest

    Look out, YouTube, there is a new kid on the block and they are inching their way into the video marketing world slowly but surely. Unless you have been living under a rock, you are definitely aware of the rage that Pinterest has inspired in the internet marketing world. Pinterest involves far more than a recipe or craft exchange, it is being used as an effective internet marketing solution by companies and brands in every niche and genre of business. Because Pinterest is so appealing to online shoppers, it is a very strong way to get more exposure to your […]

  • 4 Tips for SEO Survival

    Internet marketing is known for fast changes and renovations. Some changes are like watching a new building go up down the street, one day there is an empty lot, and it seems like the next day there is a thriving corner market. When developments and changes happen quickly, it is critical that you keep up, or you will certainly be left behind while others pass you by. SEO firms are available to help you stay on top of the ever evolving industry, and can make a huge difference in your company’s survival. The right SEO techniques are not just helpful, […]

  • Tips for Tailoring an Email Marketing Campaign

    Email marketing is a great way for businesses to keep in touch with their customers and any potential leads, but it takes more than just gathering a bunch of email addresses and sending out tons of emails. There are techniques that are known to be more helpful, and ones that can increase the power and effectiveness of your efforts. Here are four ways to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign: 1. Do split testing: Send out different emails to random groups in your email lists, and follow the statistics. It can also be very interesting and give you […]

  • Have Your Sales Team Boost Your SEO

    For any small to medium sized business, especially in the online marketing world, relying on your sales team to contribute to your marketing efforts. In any business venture, sales and marketing go hand in hand. You can have your sales team help with your search engine optimization efforts for your online business in several ways. When you are working with SEO agencies, they can help to cross the bridge between sales and marketing, by helping you to not only get search engine optimization strategies in place, but to develop the sales materials that will help the process. Here are three […]

  • Reputation Management is a Responsibility

    As an internet marketing specialist, one of your responsibilities is to manage your online reputation. This means that you need to know, at all times, what is being said about your company or your goods and services. Unless you know the facts, keeping a great online reputation will be a challenge. Unfortunately, all it can take to tarnish your reputation is one customer who is unsatisfied or angry, regardless of whether or not they are justified in their opinions. With so many sites accepting customer reviews, one bad post can lead to more, which can lead to traffic loss and […]

  • Should You Focus on PPC or SEO?

    Successful internet marketing requires that you integrate a number of different marketing methods and ideas, and roll them all into one cohesive marketing plan that covers all of your bases. One of the great debates in the internet marketing community is whether or not you should focus on pay per click management or concentrate on basic search engine optimization. The answer is not so simple, but basically most SEO experts are going to tell you that you need to use both for best results. There are many benefits to using PPC on your website, but keeping track of the details […]


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