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  • Using SEO to Cater to Bots and Humans

    Being a great webmaster and finding success in internet marketing requires plenty of skill. Most people are not able to pull it off themselves, but, with the help of a search engine optimization company, they can usually get a great search engine placement, plenty of traffic and start to see profits that they can be very proud of. Without professional help, many sites end up being pieced together in a way that either causes problems with search engines or user experience, and either of these problems will interfere with the success of the site and the business. In order to […]

  • Leave These 3 SEO Tricks Behind

    As you work on developing your search engine marketing solutions, you want to make sure that everything you do is forwarding your progress. There are some search engine optimization solutions that are becoming somewhat outdated, or, at the very least, less effective than previously thought (or less effective than they previously were, because many webmasters experienced great success with these methods for a while). For those who fell victim to the big Google changes and may still be recovering, there are probably things that you are used to doing that you should not bother to do anymore (or avoid, depending […]

  • Exploiting Mobile Marketing to Boost SEO

    You may be tiring of hearing about mobile marketing, since it is just about everywhere, around every corner that you turn. Nearly every site you find on the internet is going to be involved with or mentioning mobile marketing and the explosion that is occurring with its popularity. Search engine optimization companies are constantly updating their clients’ sites to be more accessible on mobile devices, and the world is becoming more and more “on the go,” with fewer people sitting at a desktop computer and surfing the web. So, even if you have tired of reading and hearing about mobile […]

  • Links and Content are Priorities for Quality SEO

    Adding value to your business used to be related to acquiring tons of links for your website. This often led to a slow, steady rise in the SERPs, leading to more traffic and more conversions. Today, the internet is smarter and more focused on how well you can connect with the customer, not just how popular you might be in the link world. This is probably the way it should have been from the start, but at least things have shifted, finally, in that direction. Search marketing firms are working with clients to focus on quality, quality related to not […]

  • 3 SEO Tips for Better Lead Generation

    It can be extremely frustrating when you finally connect with a prospect you have been chasing for a while, just to hear that they are “all set,” and have just made the purchase they originally connected with you about. When your competition gets the sale, it seems like you have wasted a lot of hard work. Search engine marketing firms can help you work on lead generation, and help you keep those leads solid until you can close the sale. Because it is so difficult to accurately predict when the potential lead will convert into a paying customer, it helps […]

  • SEO Tips to Increase Visibility in the SERPS

    Once you get your content ranked in the SERPs, it will appear alongside the other pages, articles, videos, posts and other content that is similarly ranked. Users will see a list of links, with short meta descriptions that help to describe what is contained within, helping them to make their selection from what Google has determined to be the most relevant search engine results. SEO marketing agencies are now recommending that small internet businesses take advantage of the rich snippets that are available in the Google results, by adding an author picture and information alongside the listings. This definitely makes […]

  • When Do You Need a Content Delivery Network

    When your site is doing well and showing strong growth, you will see your placement in the SERPs steadily rise. Eventually, however, your visitors might become frustrated if they are getting to your site and the server is too busy. Loading speeds may slow or be inconsistent, and visitors may have trouble downloading information. In many cases, tweaking your search engine optimization solutions may help the issue, but in some cases, you may want to think about using a content delivery network to get things going faster and keep everything consistent. Great optimization leads to happy visitors, so choosing the […]

  • Improving Your Website for SEO and Users

    Google, along with the other major search engines, demands that you have a website that caters to the human visitor. But, getting noticed in the search engines requires that you use certain search engine optimization solutions so that your site is indexed properly and so that your visitors will get what they are looking for when they get there. Highlight the Highlights Most visitors will only be scanning your website for certain information. This is a good reason to work with a search marketing agency, because they will highlight the important information in ways that make it simple for visitors […]

  • How to Move Toward Responsive Web Design

    When you are considering making your site more compatible with multiple types of devices, or moving toward a more responsive web design rather than having to opt for multiple sites (e.g., main website, mobile website, etc.), then there are a few things to consider and a few steps that you need to take. Many of the search marketing firms around can help with developing a responsive web design if you are unsure about handling the details yourself. Here are four points that you need to be thinking about and working on, or making sure your search marketing firm is working […]

  • Thinking About Responsive Web Design

    Although there is much discussion online and within search engine marketing firms about responsive web design, it is only now starting to catch on with the mainstream online community. It is a different way of thinking when it comes to web design, and change is not always well received in this industry. Whether or not this turns out to be considered best practice, or it is just another trend that passes by, it is something worth paying attention to at the moment. Webmasters Pulled in Many Directions Many webmasters are struggling with the process of creating a terrific website, and […]


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