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  • 5 Great Content Examples to Maximize SEO

    Creating content is a must, but there are certain types of content that are naturally going to work better as a search engine optimization solution than others. Google likes to see a variety of content, so consider this when developing your site. Having too much repetition, or only one kind of post over and over is not ideal, but when you shake things up a bit, you will find that the search engines notice. Search engine marketing firms will help you to diversify your content, but you have to understand the process in order for it to work best. Try […]

  • Optimize for Pay Per Click

    Combining your PPC campaign with your online marketing plan can result in a powerhouse website. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, or if you have been plugging away in the internet marketing world for years now, you can benefit from using the combination of these strategies to get ahead. Here are several important tips that will help your pay per click campaign get off the ground and be a profitable addition to your online strategy: 1. Consider eye contact: What this refers to is that you should pay close attention to exactly where the visitors’ gaze is […]

  • Tips For Finding the Right Mix for Content Marketing

    When you are using different types of content in your marketing plan, you should be thinking about how to combine your SEO techniques with the content marketing plan that you have developed. If you took a survey of all of the consultants at a variety of search marketing agencies, you would be likely to receive a variety of opinions, but there are some aspects that are going to be fairly consistent across different specialists. A well developed content marketing strategy will boost the connections with your target audience, while also helping your search engine optimization strategy become more efficient. Ultimately, […]

  • Can Instagram Help Your SEO Techniques?

    Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks that is around today. But, many online marketers are wondering if there is any real value or any real benefits to using Instagram as part of their search engine optimization solution, and if they should get on board with this or just let it be part of the teenage culture. SEO marketing companies are encouraging clients to consider all kinds of marketing strategies, to catch as many potential customers as possible. Instagram allows people to share photos and can definitely provide some benefits when you are trying to add visual […]

  • Email Marketing Tactics That Work

    Some webmasters have started to decrease their email marketing campaigns, in favor of other marketing plans that they assume may be more effective. In all actuality, email marketing is still a very viable way to engage with your customers, generate leads, build brand recognition and awareness and make great profits with your online business. Email marketing is no longer simply a way to get started, it is a way to perpetuate your business and continue to grow. There are some things that have evolved, because when small business owners first started to use email marketing, it was used in a […]

  • Avoiding Generic Links Can Help SEO

    All links are not necessary great links, so understanding how to link properly is important for your search engine optimization solution. Your links should be descriptive and useful for your visitors, while being enough to help the search engines understand the content and index your site properly. There is some disagreement among search marketing agencies about how to use generic link text, and whether or not there are any benefits to including a small number of generic links among your other texts that include keywords in the anchor text. Here are some considerations to using the best links possible to […]

  • Increase Your Mobile Marketing Success

    As you move toward a more comprehensive search marketing solution, mobile marketing needs to be addressed. Many search engine optimization firms are focusing on making existing websites more mobile compatible, or designing responsive sites that are capable of being used by both mobile and regular users. Channeling energies into updating and improving the mobile aspects of your site will help you interact with more users, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates. Three things to consider when updating your site to be more acceptable on mobile devices: 1. Responsive web design: This type of programming will help you because it allows […]

  • Benefits to an Ecommerce Site

    Connecting with the global community is one of the major benefits of the internet. When you are selling goods and services, you are not limited to only those within your immediate vicinity or time zone. Today’s marketing techniques are allowing small to medium sized businesses opportunities that were only dreamed of just a few years ago. While only a few years ago businesses were only advertising to the local communities, the internet is now allowing businesses of every size to advertise on a global scale, very effectively. There are many benefits to having an ecommerce site and being able to […]

  • Monthly Maintenance for Your Small Business Website

    It is not enough to simply set up your website and then just let it go. You have to stay on top of things in order to maintain your progress and keep a good search engine placement. Small businesses in the internet marketing world really have to keep up with the latest SEO techniques if they want to survive and continue to get the traffic that leads to the conversions they are looking for. If you are working with a search engine optimization service, then this is often part of the process that is involved for upkeep of the site. […]

  • Control Your Online Reputation

    Any time a user searches and finds your company in the results, you want them to only see positive information about your company. Any negative reviews or negative press is going to be a problem. Unfortunately, in today’s “instant access” world, an unhappy customer can wreak havoc on the reputation of a company, quite quickly. The good news is, you can fight back against the negative press with reputation management services, such as those provided by Gadzoog. When you participate in a reputation management program, your search marketing firm will promote a large quantity of positive information and positive reviews […]


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