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  • Great Web Design and Development Requires an Interactive Site

    Having an online business requires that you have a great website, but web design and development is often over the heads or beyond the skill levels of most entrepreneurs. The good news is, help is definitely available for these elements of your online marketing plan, and you can work with full service companies like Gadzoog to get a great website that is not only functional, but attractive and will help to promote your company in a positive way. Interactive websites are definitely a trend in internet marketing today. An interactive site will help to not only keep the interest of […]

  • Using Co-Occurrence to Benefit Your SEO

    One of the latest buzzwords in the SEO community is co-occurrence. This term refers to the number of times certain words or phrases are referred to within a certain text or within a certain proximity of each other. For example, if your company name and the words “patio furniture” are referred to multiple times on a page, Google assumes they are related, and uses this factor of co-occurrence to help index your site accordingly. This does help in many instances where there could be some ambiguity; for example, having the search engines recognize whether the word “bat” refers to the […]

  • Content Generation for Small Businesses

    Large companies do not face the same pressures as the small fries when it comes to internet marketing. Large companies have the benefit of having name brand companies, ones that people are already familiar with. Small businesses which are relying on internet marketing for increased exposure have to develop strong online strategies in order to get noticed and get people to recognize their brand. Content generation is one way that they can do that. Many search marketing firms that help small businesses grow, like Gadzoog, offer services that help with content generation—one area that many small businesses tend to struggle […]

  • Benefits of Video Marketing

    Visual sells, this is a well known and widely accepted fact. The internet is not only popular because people can nearly instantaneously get information that they need, delivered right to their fingertips, but also because it is a highly visual medium. Search marketing companies are working hard at helping clients develop video marketing, to capitalize on the large numbers of people who are using video as not only a way of gaining information, but also as a form of entertainment. Hours online continue to grow, at alarming rates. When it comes to internet marketing, using video as a powerful tool […]

  • 4 Ways of Cultivating Strong SEO Techniques

    As an internet marketing specialist, much of what you do is devoted to increasing the visibility and the traffic for your website. These are two things that you cannot do without, if you have any hope of being successful in this kind of business. Working from home may sound simple, but you need to have a plan, and this includes a search engine optimization solution that is strong enough to get your site noticed by the search engines, and, ultimately the human visitors, too. Search engine marketing agencies are springing up all over the web, trying to get clients to […]

  • Even the Greatest Ideas Require Thorough Marketing Research

    Every entrepreneur comes up with what they consider to be the greatest idea ever, something that will forever change the lives of many people. But, great ideas might sometimes be just that, great ideas. Unless there is truly a market for the idea or the product or the service, then the great idea can fall very flat, without ever turning into a terrific product. This is why it is critical that you conduct thorough marketing research before launching your great ideas, to make sure that they are going to be well received and profitable before you sink your time, energy […]

  • Effects of Social Media on Your SEO

    There is little dispute that social media networking will help broaden your search engine optimization solution. There is, however, some debate about how much it can affect your ROI and conversions. Measuring the effects of social media is a bit of a gray area still, and determining how extensive the effects are is often somewhat subjective. Here are three things that are generally considered by search engine optimization services to be good indicators that your social media networking is helping your search engine optimization and SEO techniques: 1. Tracking leads: When you track the source of your traffic and your […]

  • Brand Development Requires Knowledge of Your Audience

    Brand development can be a complicated process, and one that often requires some professional assistance. Trial and error is not a good strategy when it comes to developing all of the different aspects that are needed in order for your company to have a good brand. Some webmasters are under the mistaken impression that branding involves development of a cool logo and having that logo placed on all company materials and web pages. This is not the case. If you work with a company that specializes in the full marketing experience, like Gadzoog, you will have better success at developing […]

  • Knowing How Social Media Can Help Your SEO

    With the huge push toward social media, many webmasters seem to be ignoring their traditional search engine optimization solutions and leaning toward this new twist. While social media is important, and should be incorporated into your online strategy, to do so at the expense of your regular SEO techniques may ultimately do your site harm, rather than good. Distinguishing between the good advice and what to ignore when it comes to social media marketing, it may take the help of a search marketing firm to get the right idea. Balancing all of the aspects of your search engine optimization along […]

  • Things to Ask Before Choosing a Web Hosting Company

    Deciding which web hosting company that you are going to work with based only on price or who you have heard of may not be the best way to figure out what is going to be best for your internet company. There is more to the story, and knowing what to ask before you commit to Gadzoog or any other web hosting service is going to help you reach your goals. Making the wrong decision, and then trying to change later, can have a negative impact on your site and your search engine ranking, so do the work ahead of […]


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