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  • Boosting Traffic and SEO With New Content

    A big part of your search engine optimization plan is your content development. Being able to drive traffic to your site, using your content, is important for success in internet marketing. There is always going to be the challenge of finding topics to write on, or great leads for blog posts. While you should always be on the lookout for breaking news, there are some consistent ways that you can come up with new posts on a regular basis, so that you are constantly adding new content. If you are struggling too much, or it is taking up too much […]

  • Considering Ecommerce as a Marketing Solution?

    Even for those companies which are used to selling goods and services in a physical brick and mortar kind of place, ecommerce development eventually becomes something to think about. Expanding your business to include the online world means that you can have access to customers on a global scale, without time or distance limitations (for the most part). Online marketing not only offers tremendous opportunities for new businesses, but it can also change existing businesses and catapult them forward to places they have only dreamed of before. If you are planning to go online for your business needs, and are […]

  • More Than SEO: Internet Marketing Trends to Follow

    Staying current in the ever changing world of online marketing is tough, even for the most dedicated entrepreneurs. Having backup from an experienced search marketing firm can help you stay in control of your search engine optimization, as well as the other internet marketing solutions that you are using to promote your website. In addition to your regular SEO techniques, there are a few other important trending topics that you should not only be aware of, but pay close attention to, because this is the way of the present and the future of internet marketing. If you want to become […]

  • Conversion Optimization: What Must Be on Your Landing Page

    Many webmasters wonder exactly how to develop the perfect landing page. Are there certain elements that can help or hurt the success of your landing page? What conversion optimization techniques are available to help increase profits and success? When you work with a company that provides full service internet marketing support, like Gadzoog, conversion optimization is only one of the services that you will receive. Your landing pages will have the perfect elements that lead to success with your internet marketing strategy. Having a structured approach to your conversion optimization plan is what matters most, not short term adjustments and […]

  • How to Know When You Need an SEO Pro

    There are plenty of webmasters who prefer to handle every aspect of their website and its upkeep by themselves. There are others still who are only good at coming up with an idea, and are completely incapable of handling the tasks that are necessary to implement even the simplest search engine marketing solution. Can You Do It Yourself? The “do it yourself” phenomenon is everywhere. Whether it is fixing up your house, car maintenance or internet marketing, many people want the challenge (and often the monetary benefits) of taking care of business themselves. When it comes to taking care of […]

  • What You Can Expect From Reputation Management Services

    Finding out that someone has published bad or negative information about your company online is sometimes a shock. Maybe you saw it coming, from a dissatisfied customer that you simply could not please, perhaps there is a disgruntled employee that seems to be out to get you. Or maybe it is some other, completely unknown and unexpected occurrence. Whatever the case may be, it is something that you want to immediately address and begin the process of fixing. In the internet marketing world, this is known as reputation management services. There are services available online, usually from internet marketing and […]

  • Is Your Company On the Go? Mobile Marketing Tips

    Unless you have hopped onto the mobile bandwagon, your company will be quickly left in the dust as the billions of smart phone users opt to interact with companies that have embraced the new trend in technology. If your target audience includes mobile phone users (and there are seriously going to be very few demographic groups that do not fall into this category), then mobile marketing is something that you definitely want to explore. There is truly unimagined potential at the moment when it comes to mobile marketing. Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of new mobile users activated […]

  • Use Caution When Getting Reviews for SEO

    One of the things that SEO marketing companies are heavily pushing is for their clients to get reviews from customers to place as testimonials on their site and to use on business directory sites or local search sites. There are some potential drawbacks, however, including the actual procurement of those reviews. Do the search marketing firms think that everyone who does business with you is interested in writing a review? Do they think that all of those reviews will be written well enough to be presentable? Will some just be so generic they won’t matter? All of these questions and […]

  • How Social Media Marketing Strengthens Your Connections

    Choosing to use social media marketing as a way to strengthen your connections with your leads and your customers is a wise move in today’s internet marketing arena. You can leverage the power of social media and help funnel it into your online strategy, getting closer to success every step of the way. Social media marketing is a skill, and although most people are perfectly capable of using social media for their personal purposes just fine, if you are choosing to use it as a marketing tool then you might want to enlist the help of a professional company, like […]

  • Are You Using Google Analytics for Your SEO?

    Tracking the analytics of your website is one of the most important parts of your search engine optimization solution, because without the data that is collected and analyzed, and then reported, it can be difficult to know exactly which parts of your SEO techniques are working well, and which parts may need to be improved or updated, or even eliminated. When you understand the analytics, you can make your site and the efforts toward SEO more productive. A productive site is going to be a more profitable site, so devoting your efforts to exactly the places where they are going […]


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