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  • The Big Picture for SEO This Year

    Everyone is busy making their resolutions come alive at this point in the New Year. Hopefully you haven’t already abandoned yours! Focusing on improving your website should be topping your list, if you are planning on success in the internet marketing world, and getting your SEO techniques brushed up so that you can watch your search engine placement rise over the next year should be a priority. Following some of the important updates from last year, you have to remember to be focused on the overall quality of your site, and the users’ experience. Here are three things to ask […]

  • 4 Tips for Choosing Images for Blog Posts

    Your blog posts are intended for your regular readers, primarily, but hopefully also drawing some new visitors on a regular basis, assuming that your SEO techniques are solid. When visitors arrive at your site, are they finding simple text-only posts or are you including pictures? You’ve heard the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words” before, and it applies to your images that you select for your blog posts, in many cases. You should include images with your blog posts, either as an introduction or throughout the post, depending on your type of blog and the style that you […]

  • Seasonal Issues for SEO

    When the new year arrives, internet marketers get busy with updating their business plans and making some new adjustments to their SEO plan. Even though most are working on this year round, the new year invites a reflection, and is a good time to take an objective look at how things are going, and make some decisions about how to proceed. New goals, new objectives and new methods all come into play. January is traditionally a slower month for all retail, whether online or not. As an internet marketer, you may find that you are scrambling to get the leads […]

  • How to Become an Authority Site

    Becoming an authority site is one of the goals of most internet marketers. With the SERPs being very competitive, this can be a major challenge, but not one that cannot be overcome with the right SEO plan and the right SEO techniques. Many online marketers turn to digital marketing agencies to try and get ahead of the competition and find a faster way to climb in the rankings. Getting to the top, and becoming established as an authority, however, takes time. It rarely happens overnight. Having patience and persistence is necessary to make your way to the place you dream […]

  • How Social Media is Tied to SEO

    Social media and search engine optimization are becoming more and more connected. Online marketing firms are developing packages that help internet marketing specialists get their small businesses up and running, at least for the online portion of the business. Search engines are beginning to consider social media relevance in the algorithms, making it a good time to get more involved. Involvement with social media can help a website become more quickly established as an authority site. This occurs because of the increased traffic, the increased number of inbound links and the increased content that can come from the use of […]

  • Can SlideShare Help With SEO?

    In addition to maintaining a high quality blog for your business, there are many other tools that you can use to connect with your audience. By now, you should have a widely varied SEO plan that includes multiple avenues for exposure. Being a part of the quickly growing online social community, and being involved in multiple networks will help you gain exposure for your small to medium sized business, helping to gain leads and customers and establish the relationships that will serve you well and increase your profits for years to come. SlideShare is a tool that can be used […]

  • Things to Remember About Link Building

    Links are still definitely important, but there is still some confusion lurking about which ones are most helpful and which ones that you should be focusing on. Some online marketing companies are still helping their clients develop tons of links, yet the clients are often left wondering what exactly is helping and how much. Understanding how and why to get links is critical for the success of any internet marketing plan. There are some myths that are currently circulating in the link building world, let’s clarify some of the confusion. 1. Infographics are still helpful for building up links. If […]


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