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  • How CDNs Improve Your SEO

    Ranking high in the SERPs is a priority for all online businesses. Getting there depends on many factors, most of them are related to your search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. The algorithms used to determine which sites are ranked where are complicated, and based on many different variables. Previously, small to medium sized businesses could work their way to the top of the SERPs by steadily implementing their SEO plan, now, Google wants more. They want high quality, they want consistency, they want speed and they want performance. While this does is improve the user experience, which is the ultimate […]

  • Is Your Navigation Helping or Hurting Your SEO?

    Problems with the navigation on your site can negatively affect your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Fixing problems after implementing the wrong navigation is expensive, but completely avoidable. One of the benefits to working with an SEO marketing service is that you will be developing a website that has easy to use navigation that is also very SEO-friendly, allowing both the users and the search engines free and easy access to your website. Search engine spiders will be able to index and rank your site properly, and users will find that it is easy to use. Mistakes in navigation style […]

  • Better Your Brand With Marketing and SEO

    Building your brand is a long term goal for most internet marketers. Developing the brand awareness, visibility and recognition that you need to see the lucrative results you are hoping for does not happen overnight. All online companies are trying to get bigger, and internet marketing is definitely more competitive than ever. The only way to the top is by combining several different techniques and methods, in an effort to reach the most number of people the most number of times. This means you need to be familiar with internet marketing techniques, traditional marketing techniques, search engine optimization techniques, social […]

  • 4 Tips for SEO-Friendly Web Design

    It’s a shame when a great looking website turns out to have less than stellar SEO. Despite the extra efforts in design, without great SEO techniques, that site may never get the exposure in the SERPs that is required for drawing enough traffic to make a profit. The key is to blend a great website design with the best SEO techniques. Digital marketing firms often offer packages that include both web design and search engine optimization, helping you to maximize your efforts. Here are four tips for making sure that your website design is SEO-friendly and going to not only […]

  • Improving Website Conversions: Part 2

    In the last post, we discussed several ways in which you can improve your conversions, by making some small changes to your online marketing plan. Developing solid goals for conversion optimization can help when it comes to increasing your profits. As you are probably aware, most experts agree that even the top internet marketing sites are usually experiencing about a 3-5% conversion rate, at best, with most sites able to expect about a 1% conversion. Unless you have thousands of visitors, you are going to have to have a great deal of patience when it comes to reaching your goals. […]

  • Improving Website Conversions: Part I

    Improving conversions is a priority for anyone involved in internet marketing. Getting the most income that you can out of your website is a main goal. Most digital marketing firms offer packages that include ways to increase conversions, or boost conversion optimization. The ideas behind conversion optimization include not only fine tuning your SEO plan, but also adding in some powerful components including social proof, landing page optimization and more, to get the most out of every visitor to your site. Here are a few ways to get you started with conversion optimization: 1. Campaign for the social endorsement. When […]

  • Know Your Visitor Types to Maximize Conversions

    Increasing conversions is very important to the average internet marketer. Without conversions, your profits will be minimal, perhaps mainly coming from advertising revenue or other sources. Conversions are one of the most important things that you need to focus on. Many online marketing agencies will explain to their clients that they should be expecting a less than 1% conversion rate, but if you truly understand your customers and how you can serve them better, you may be able to increase this statistic. Remember, a 1% conversion rate represents one sale for every 100 visitors. You have to get a considerable […]

  • Developing a Controversial Blog Post for More Traffic

    Let’s face it, blogging can get tedious at times. Day after day you come up with content that is intended to captivate your readers. Ideally, you succeed in doing this most of the time, but, admit it, sometimes it can be fun to stir the pot a little just to get some attention. Writing some controversial blog posts now and then can help you accomplish this. It can also be built right into your regular search engine optimization plan, because you should always be using your keywords and considering your links and text, as well. Controversial blog posts need not […]

  • Great Ideas for Content Marketing

    Content marketing is one of the biggest drives in today’s internet marketing world, and figuring out how to get the best content out there for your small business is a big part of the content marketing problem. There are definitely some types of content that are going to do better than others, so focusing on the format that you are using can help you get more exposure. You don’t simply have to keep on writing article after article, or blog post after blog post. Here are some great ideas for getting some content out there, in different forms that you […]

  • What Helps Content Go Viral?

    Creating content that goes viral can lead to nearly overnight success for an internet marketer. It is difficult to tell ahead of time what content will go viral, it is actually pretty impossible to predict. But, when you look back at what content actually does go viral, you can start to make some associations and find some patterns that are consistent across different content pieces. Here are three things that online marketing agencies are finding that are consistent across most content that goes viral. Take these factors into consideration when developing your content, and, hopefully, some of your next pieces […]


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