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  • The Kind of Content That Gets You Noticed

    By now, you are listening to the advice of all of the online marketing companies and adding fresh content regularly to your site. Hopefully, you are using your keywords, titles, tags and anchor text effectively and seeing a steady rise in your search engine placement for your targeted keywords. Are there things that you can do to tweak your content to try and get even more visibility? Yes! Since not all content is created equal, there are certain kinds that may help you to get more visibility than just a regular post or article. Try these suggestions: 1. Invite comments: […]

  • Catering to the Content Skimmers

    When composing your content for your site and your blog, you may put endless hours into getting it “just right.” You are considering your audience, their interest level, the targeted keywords, the images the length of the post and more. It’s a bitter pill to swallow when you consider that most of your readers will simply skim the content, barely reading it. Yes, you will have some readers who scour each and every word, hungrily devouring everything you have to say, but the majority of your readers are trying to get as much as possible done in the least amount […]

  • How Your SEO Benefits from Using Google Products

    It’s true, the focus of many online marketing companies seems to be on Google placement, with a secondary focus on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. While you want to ensure that you can be picked up by any of the search engines and ranked well, there are some notable advantages when it comes to ranking in Google when you are using Google products, like Google+, Adwords, Google Shopping, Google Places and more. There are a few important considerations, reasons why this can help with your placement in the SERPs. Google pays close attention to what their users want, […]

  • Spying on the Competition to Get SEO Info

    With all this advice about what kind of search engine optimization techniques you should or should not be using, you may start to wonder exactly what it is that others are doing to get their good search engine placement. Although working with a digital marketing agency can help you get a better placement in the SERPs, you can do some of the research and leg work yourself if you want to try and figure out what the competition is up to. There are several tools that are available that help you get some valuable information about what others are up […]

  • 3 Tips for Keeping Your Great Search Engine Placement

    You’ve worked hard at your search engine optimization and carefully designed your social media campaign, developed outstanding and interesting content, built up your quality links and finally obtained a great ranking in the SERPs. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the line, you still have to work to protect that terrific placement. Like any goal in life, once you get there you still have to do the work to stay there. In some cases, maintaining is more difficult than getting there in the first place. If you have been working with an online marketing company, they may be able […]

  • Does Google+ Help With SEO?

    Google+ entered the scene within the last two years, and has raised the interest of many search engine optimization specialists as the positive effects are starting to be realized. Originally designed and intended as a type of social network, Google+ now uses the connections between people and businesses to help make suggestions during searches. While it can still be used as a basic social media site, and provides chat, messaging and other immediate social functions, the overall reach for businesses seeking better rankings can be far greater. The initial response to Google+ was a bit lukewarm, and most critics maintained […]

  • Having Conversion Problems? Get Help!

    Even after you have followed all of the best guidelines for search engine optimization, you may find that you are getting great traffic but still just so-so conversion results. This is a frustrating problem that plagues many webmasters. Converting your visitors into paying customers is the ultimate goal, and getting the traffic numbers and high search engine ranking is only part of the process. There are few possible problems related to low conversion rates, see if your site fits any of these patterns and find out what to do. 1. No traffic? As mentioned, you need to have good traffic […]


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