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  • 3 Ways to Make Your Tiny Start Up Look Bigger with SEO

    When you first start up in the internet marketing world, it can be very overwhelming to compare your company to some of the more well established companies that are out there in your niche. Generally, most people do not immediately show interest in doing business with the tiny companies, and will choose those companies that appear to be bigger, in business longer or larger. You want to do your best to inspire trust and help your potential customers think you are a worthy candidate for their business. Being the biggest is not necessarily the goal, but being better should be […]

  • Good Hosting Helps With SEO

    When visitors arrive at your site, you need everything to be in good working order. Pages should load properly and be able to be viewed in all kinds of different browsers and on all kinds of different devices. Making a site that can handle each of these things may seem tricky, but one of the fundamental things to make sure you get right is your hosting account. A bad hosting account can seriously hurt your ranking in the SERPs, whereas good hosting can help with your SEO plan and SEO techniques for several reasons. Here are three reasons why a […]

  • Can Structured Data Markup Help With SEO?

    Search engines require special information in order to “read” a website. Structured data is information that is specially formatted in a way that the search engines can decipher and interpret. Using structured data helps the search engines filter and index sites more accurately, so using structured data on your website is important for your SEO plan. While humans can often identify the meaning of a website at a glance, knowing if it is about “bats” meaning equipment used in baseball or “bats” meaning the flying mammal. Search engines need more information to tell the difference. There are three main kinds […]

  • How Social Do You Have to Be for Search Marketing Success?

    Maybe you have always been a bit of a wallflower, and this may actually be one reason why internet marketing has always been alluring to you. You can be very successful, yet still keep a comfortable distance from socializing with people and a certain degree of anonymity. Doing business online can make this much easier. But, there is now a new problem when it comes to avoiding the social contact required for business success. You can’t avoid it any longer. In order to be successful with search engine marketing, you have to now develop your social presence with your network, […]

  • SEO and Internet Marketing Trends Expected for 2013

    With 2012 coming to a quick close, and most internet marketing folks are still recovering from the major changes that came about over the past year, it is time to start planning for next year. Planning means that you are developing your budget, planning your time, organizing ideas, revamping your site as necessary. It is important to come out of the gate strong in the new year, and the new year may provide some new opportunities to refresh your online marketing priorities and get your SEO techniques in order. Recent surveys from Strong Mail and other marketing companies are indicating […]

  • 4 SEO Tips for an E-Commerce Website

    With the push being toward a better user experience, those webmasters who are running e-commerce sites may have a little more of a challenge than others. Many assume that just merely having tons of products listed and tons of pages, this is good enough SEO and they don’t have to worry about more advanced techniques. This is not necessarily true, and, in fact, there are some big mistakes that are common on e-commerce websites. Here are 4 important SEO tips for your e-commerce website that will help you get a higher SERP ranking and more traffic to your site (more […]

  • Why the EMD Update Was No Surprise

    For those who follow search engine optimization trends closely, the EMD Update that Google put into place several weeks ago was no big surprise. Exact Match Domains, or domain names that exactly matched high ranking, big money keywords, were no longer going to be tolerated. Just another back door to get to the top, EMD ranking allowed many webmasters to get top spots, with virtually no actual search engine optimization work. Because the domain name exactly matched the keywords, this was literally a slam dunk for those who were able to get in on this little catch. What is the […]

  • Important Reasons to Have a Business Blog

    With most people conducting a majority of their business online, like shopping, banking, and more, it is nearly essential that every business get a blog going. A blog can help to truly magnify your web presence, and increase the visibility and the traffic that gets to your website by helping with your SEO. There are many free platforms that will lead you through the steps that are required to create your blog, or you can work with an internet marketing company and creating a blog will usually be a part of the big package. Running a blog doesn’t cost much […]

  • 5 Biggest Google SEO Changes from 2012

    At the start of 2012, Google seemed to come out of the gate with both barrels blasting. They were ready to show webmasters that they were serious about improving the quality of sites, and improving the user’s experience. These changes left many webmasters reeling, and scrambling to make changes and improvements. By now, most online marketing companies seem to have a good handle on what is working and what the necessary changes are to cooperate with the new and improved algorithms and get back to a good search engine placement. Here is a recap of some of the biggest changes […]

  • Back to Basics: 4 Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid

    Keyword research is essentially the foundation for any great SEO campaign. Without this fundamental piece of the puzzle, it is difficult to get ahead and get your site ranked in the SERPs. Many webmasters just don’t take keyword research seriously enough, and this will ultimately limit how much SEO can be done, and how much it can help. Online marketing firms often specialize in keyword research, which can help you build a solid SEO plan. Here are four common mistakes when it comes to keyword research that you want to avoid: 1. Looking for broad match: When it comes to […]


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