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  • Tips to Develop a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

    Content marketing is more than a buzz word. The content that you put on your site needs to be of the highest quality, and interesting. This helps with your SEO plan, as well as your sales plan. Many webmasters have been leaning toward quantity, and skipping out on quality, thinking that this is how the algorithms have been leading them. Unfortunately, they are going to find that the content that they include on their sites is critically important. Providing the right content is only part of the process, you need to provide the right content at the right time in […]

  • Offline Marketing and SEO?

    Can you track offline marketing? Do you really know if your efforts to promote your company outside of your website are effective? Knowing whether your direct mailings, commercials, or print advertising is working is important, but difficult to track unless you know what you are doing. Focusing all of your efforts at website promotion on your SEO may lead you to miss other important advertising avenues, but coordinating online and offline strategies will be important. Internet marketing companies may help you with your online marketing efforts, but using other methods will be important, too. Here are three ways that you […]

  • 4 Tips for Customizing Your Keyword Research for Your Market

    Keyword research is an ongoing effort for most internet marketers. You cannot simply do some keyword research when you get started and just let the machine work from there. You have to do some ongoing research to ensure that you are in fact using the keywords that are most important for your particular market, for your customers. Keyword research is a critical part of any online marketing plan, and one that should be a priority. Online marketing companies often spend a great deal of time ensuring the accuracy and relevance of keywords, if you are doing it yourself then you […]

  • Tips for SEO in the New Year

    With 2012 ending in only a few more days, there are many people who are considering their own personal New Year’s resolutions. You might need to be thinking about your resolutions for your internet marketing business, too, because there are definitely some changes that are going to be necessary if you want to keep your good search engine ranking, or better yet, improve your ranking in the SERPs. Here are 5 things that you should be thinking about, areas that you could probably improve if your site needs some attention: 1. Stronger social media presence: As the internet continues to […]

  • Identifying Spam Comments to Help Your SEO

    As a webmaster, you are probably constantly inundated with spam comments for your posts. There are definitely ways to handle these comments, and to prevent them from actually being viewed on your site, or having unnatural links appear from disreputable sites. It does take some time and effort to ensure that you are only having true authors appear on your site, and only real comments. Make sure that you have things set up so that approval is necessary and no comments will appear without your explicit consent. When you get true comments, you can often get a quality link, which […]

  • An Important SEO Change for the New Year

    If you have been involved with internet marketing for any length of time, you certainly realize that it is necessary to get your site ranked in order to get the traffic that you need to get the customers and conversions that are going to lead to profits. Day after day, week after week, you are working on your SEO plan and trying to scramble your way to the top of the SERPs. Advertising your website in the search engines is free, but can be very time consuming. You already know that cutting corners does not really help, and you may […]

  • SEO Companies Leaning Toward Link Earning

    In the olden days (meaning before Panda and Penguin), one of the main factors for success in internet marketing and getting a good placement in the SERPs was to build up tons and tons of links. The number of links that you had for your site was seen as a sign of internet marketing prowess. “Look how many links I have!” and “How many links do you have for your site?” were common remarks buzzing around in the world of online marketing. Then, with the algorithm updates, those remarks changed, often to “How many unnatural links do you have?” or […]

  • What’s Happening to the SERPs?

    If you are carefully monitoring your keyword results, then you might have started to become aware of a trend in the SERPs to display only up to seven listings, as opposed to the traditional ten that most people expect to see when they type in a search. Is it something to worry about? Are there now going to be fewer spots for webmasters to compete for? Is this related to the updates that have been experienced over the past year or so? Cause for Concern? Many internet marketers are concerned about their placement in the SERPs for keywords that are […]

  • Getting More Leads Through Content Marketing

    Nearly everyone involved in internet marketing is now using some sort of content marketing, and more than half of those marketers intend to increase their efforts in this area during the next year, according to recent surveys. What this means is that you really have to be on the ball when it comes to your content marketing efforts, because everyone is really pushing to make their campaign work. Working with a top internet marketing firm may help you develop a solid and effective campaign. Generally speaking, it seems to be the smaller companies that are trying to use content marketing […]

  • 5 Ways to Make SEO Part of Your Online Marketing Business Goals

    Failing to plan usually translates into planning to fail. You can lessen the likelihood of failure for your online business by developing a strong business plan, one that incorporates sales and marketing goals, specific ways to measure progress and elements that relate to both online and offline marketing and advertising. Here are five things to remember when developing your business goals, these factors will help to increase the likelihood of success and help you reach your goals more quickly: 1. Specificity: When you develop specific goals, you are going to be better able to target them, and develop interim objectives […]


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